Name: John Young

Title: Executive Chef

What are some of the details that your position entails?

Some of the many tasks as Executive Chef for Temecula Catering includes: provisions, menu development, food and labor cost control, inventory, scheduling, training and recipe development.

What are some of your favorite things to do on your free time?

A couple of my favorite things to do are travel and experience local and exotic cuisine, such as enjoying street food in Thailand and cooking and eating Wild Salmon in Alaska.


Did someone say Sous Vide Prime Rib or Gorgonzola Mashed Potatoes?  It’s Young’s favorite dish to make and recommends for his clients!  With previous experiences including Head Chef of National Geographic Cruises and Executive Chef of Asolare, St. John USVI, Temecula Catering jumped at the opportunity to have Young join the team.  That was over four years ago!  With his diligence, level-headedness and organization, he’s become an established part of Temecula Catering, initiating quality and consistency of the food along with the knowledge and great customer service.  It was at the ripe age of 10 when he began helping his mother in the kitchen.  Since, it has been a growing love to his full-blown passion, leading him to attend State University of New York to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Foodservice and Restaurant Administration.  What had initially started out of curiosity and a big appetite, he later realized he could make people happy.  And if his food means making people happy, he’s all about it!


Name: Joon Yol Chang

Title: Senior Sous Chef

What are some of the details that your position entails?

My main job as a Senior Sous Chef for Temecula Catering is to delegate tasks to each team members and see that the task has been performed safely, accurately and efficiently.

What’s an interesting fact about you?

I graduated from University of California, Irvine with a Bachelor’s degree in Music Performance and Political Sociology.  I started to cook not because I wanted to, but I really needed to save money on food by avoiding restaurants for every meal.  However, cooking became one of my passions and I have loved it ever since.


Joon has been with Temecula Catering since 2014 starting off as a Lead Cook.  Prior to joining the team, Joon worked as a Cook at Four Seasons Hotel in Newport Beach and Lead Cook at California Baptist University.  In between his short absence from Temecula Catering in 2015, he worked as Chef at Hyundai Motors Headquarter in Fountain Valley and Executive Chef at a small catering company in Newport Beach. Since his return, he has been Senior Sous Chef and it has been quite eventful.  His absolute favorite part of the job being that he gets to teach the cooks techniques and loves that he can show them a new way of looking for a solution when problems may arise.  Oh, and Temecula Catering’s Braised Short Ribs with Au Jus Sauce, which is his favorite dish to make and recommends for clients!